Water Heaters And Their Types


What Are Water Heaters?

  • A water heater provides us hot water for different purposes. They directly provide the hot water through the supplies. There is no need to use a rod or a bucket for this process.
  • Water heaters are mostly used in winters but if you are finding that the water doesn’t remain hot for a long time or it takes too much time then you may need to change your water heater.
  • In many water heaters, the problems like rusting and corrosion occurs, which may lead to bigger problems like leakage, which is costly to fix.
  • While choosing a hot water heater,You have to check whether it is sufficient to provide you with enough hot water or not. This hot water may further require multiple sources of water consumption.

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Water Heater Types

There are different types of water geysers available in the market by different brands. You can select one according to your preference. They are categorised into only two types:-


1. Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters are still in demand. They store water in a tank and then heats the water. This is a little time-consuming process and also the water cools down very fastly once you switched off the power. Rest the power outlets and plumbing are also required.

2. Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have no storage tank with it. The water directly passes through the pipes and either with the gas or with the help of electricity the water in the pipes gets immediate heating. Thus, hot water comes out from the pipe without any storage tank. They give you on-demand access.



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