Sony Xperia XZ review

If you are looking for the best Smartphone, then try out this Sony Xperia xz. This phone looks so solid and smaller, but you will find little similar to the last smartphone Xperia z5. This smartphone is launched during the IFA 2016 in Berlin.

sony xperia xz review

This Smartphone Sony Xperia xz is one of the latest flagships of Sony in the year 2016, as it helps to boost up the market and has a good impressive technology. Sony is especially known for its best quality in camera. This Smartphone will certainly confuse you with its price range and its impressive flagship z range.

Here I will share you the review of Sony Xperia XZ.

Sony Xperia XZ Price Review:

IFA 2016 has to reveal Sony Xperia xz last month in Berlin, and the price of this phone is so affordable. This Smartphone Xperia xz is now available in the UK market if you are looking to buy it. If you go to Sony official store, the price ranging will be around £549. If you are looking out for the retailer such as like Amazon, clove, warehouse and Carphone than you can get it at a cheaper rate of around £539.

According to the survey of our price reviews, it has been seen that the price of this Smartphone has gone down and it seems that the price of Sony Xperia xz is affordable in the Android world. We can say that this is the rival flagship of the entire model that is released in 2016, as the price has gone down for a couple of months.

Build and Design

This Smartphone Sony Xperia xz is so gorgeous with its sleek looks and the angular aesthetic design. It is so good with its design but not up to the mark that will please your eye at an instant.

This Sony Xperia xz has got the 5.2-inch display, which is build up with the metal body and curvier than the previous Xperia model.

Sony Xperia xz is designed in such a way that the user can hold it comfortably in their hand, as that seems to appear seamless. If you do compare to the last model of Xperia z5 than this phone xz is the best design with the strip line at the button.

Specification and the Features

This phone will be the best for the starter, as the screen is 5.2 inch and it still got ht e Full HD in its display. If you go comparing to the last Xperia smartphone z2  nothing is different with it. Its screen is perfectly best with the bright, crisp and the vibrant color display on the phone.

If you are going with the resolution than the battery life goes down with it. But if you do compare the features of the Xperia xa than the price of this Smartphone is half less than it.

The camera in it comes with the best megapixel, and the quality of the photo is fabulous. You can certainly go for the best photograph with it.

When you do check out in the engine room of this phone. It will be glad to see that the high-speed Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor is running the main engine of this phone. The other things remain almost the same as it is loaded with 3GB of RAM and inbuilt of internal memory of 32GB storage. But it seems to be almost same with the last model Xperia z3+.


I have been using sony Xperia XZ for the last few months, and it has been worth using such a best and unique phone. You can also go for this smartphone if you do want to go within the affordable range. If you do have some more of the related issues about this phone, please do comment below.




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