Microwave Oven And Their Benefits

Nowadays, microwave ovens have become one of the major parts of every household. They are known as one of the best inventions of today’s  world. If someone is going to buy a new microwave then they should be aware of some important features that should be present in a microwave oven. Moreover, one should know the microwave oven benefits before buying any.


Some Basic Features Of The Microwave Oven Are:-

1. Functions

Firstly, you should know that there are basically 2 types of a microwave oven that are- standard microwave and a convection microwave. A standard microwave is used where you need simple heating of food whereas, on the other hand, a convection oven performs the operation of grill, microwave and convection.

2.  Size

A size also varies in two different types such as compact and built-in. The compact is generally a portable microwave oven which can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. For light cooking and reheating purpose, we need a compact size microwave oven. Built-in microwave oven, on the other hand, is built-in into the cabinetry. They provide you both the options for grilling as well as basic cooking.

3. Capacity

The capacity of a microwave oven is defined as the quantity of food that can be a cook in a microwave oven. There are microwave ovens available in the market in the form of the medium capacity oven and large capacity oven. A medium capacity oven is good for a medium size family i.e. a family of 4-5 people whereas a large size oven is meant for cooking large meals. In large capacity ovens, auto-cook features are installed that can help you to serve a large amount of food.

4. Power Consumption

It is true that a microwave with higher power cooks faster but it is also true that higher power sometimes may result in overcooked food or burnt food. Thus, moderate power consumption is required for cooking meals.

5. Price

The main problem while deciding which microwave to buy is the price. The high priced microwave ovens cannot be purchased by the middle-class family but they also need it so, there are many different brands available in the market that serves you microwave oven at an affordable price. So, before buying any microwave you just need to go through the price list of the microwave oven in India.




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