As we all know about shopping through online is very much on trend in today’s world. Shopping online is the best thing to shop while you are at home sitting on your chair relaxing orif you are anywhere around the world online shopping is the best and easiest way to buy something you like.

Sometimes it is very hard for you to go out and do shopping at your city or town. Sometimes even if we want to buy something from the shops we don’t get whatever we want, we even don’t get discount on some branded stuffs which we want to buy.


So online shopping is the best one to do shopping anything you want . you can say it is like shopping mall where you will get different types of clothes starting from men, women and kids and even you can get all the electric appliances, books, musical instrument with just one click.

There are many online shopping sites, here I have shortlisted some of them which is best to shop online which has a full privacy security . some online shopping sites are not trusted sites but here are five sites which is trusted and with full privacy security.


Flipkart is the most popular online shopping sites, which is pure Indian shopping sites found in 2007. Its headquarters are in Banglore and Karnataka.

It is the most trustworthy online shopping sites which is best for the Indian. It has cash on delivery where they don’t charge extra money while delivery.

Flipkart is the best online shopping sites since it has many categories where you can get everything you want to buy such as books, clothes for everyone, musical instruments, electric appliances with reasonable price.

This sites has been given the customers full satisfaction as they delivered the items on time with no delay.


Myntra is also the best one where you can do online shopping. This sites is mainly  about fashions and lifestyles. This sites is also a trustworthy which give cash on delivery and delivery on time. In this sites you can buy many things for men, women, kids footwear, clothing, accesories etc. It also has some other payment method like net banking mastercard etc.


Jabong is also another best sites where you can do online shopping. It is the third most online shopping sites after Flipkart and Myntra. Through this sites you can get all the rertails products like footwear, clothing etc.

It also has a cash on delivery too and even net banking which is fast in delivery .


Amazon is also the best one though it is an American company but it is the best websites for Indians and it is also trustworthy online sites. I often use this sites for mostly electronic goods it is very good for electronic stuffs.



Snapdeal .com is the best Indian online shopping sites. It’s headquarter is in New Delhi. It is one of the largest e-commerce company with maximum goods which has the best quality with cash on delivery payment method, and even net banking etc.

This are the five sites which is the best online shopping sites which is trustworthy and it gives satisfaction to the customers by giving the best quality of goods with reasonable price. So this sites are the best one which I often use and it is an awesome shopping sites.



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