Different types of kitchen ranges & choosing the best one for you!

Ranges are the common kitchen cooking appliances which let you cook food. There are many ranges available in the market including the gas range, electric range, and other ranges. If you are looking for the best ranges then here you can check the most suitable range for you. Various ranges come along with the broiler, convection, and other features. Ranges are the centerpiece of your kitchen which enhances the interior look of your kitchen. If you buy range then you will get stove as well as oven together in the single device.


Fuel-Based Ranges

  • Gas Ranges: Gas ranges are the preferable range which you can move anywhere you want. They offer amazing cooking experience with the increased level of precision. Using gas ranges, you can lower down your electricity bill as gas ranges do not require electricity for ignition.
  • Dual Fuel Range: Duel fuel range is the best cooking appliance which is a combination of gas stove combined with the baking option. This is the costlier appliance as compared with the above ranges. If you are fond of cooking or if you spend more time on cooking then the dual fuel ranges are the best option for you.
  • Electric Ranges: Electric ranges nowadays are the widely used range because of its sleek and attractive bodies as well as electric ranges are the appliances which are easy to clean than the gas ranges. The experienced bakers prefer the electric ovens as it delivers amazing baked goods.

Design-based Ranges

  • Slide-in Ranges: Slide-in range is one of the attractive ranges which are very easy to install as you can easily slide them and can put into the available space in your kitchen. In the slide-in range, you will find the controls placed on the front side of the range which enhance the design and the look of the range as well as the interior of your kitchen.
  • Freestanding Range: The freestanding ranges come with the beautiful design with finished sides and flat back. They come in the various sizes which you can fit anywhere you want. Freestanding gas ranges are the ranges which offer the affordable price and are the most convenient range which protects the wall of your kitchen against heat as it comes to the back guard.
  • Drop-in range: Drop-In ranges are the ranges which come with the unfinished sides and wider top. Installation of this range is very tricky and hard as it needs the custom based cabinets. If you want the drop-in ranges then you will find the fewer options.

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