Check three portable power banks which you can carry while traveling!!

In order to charge your smartphone device as well as to charge the gadget, you require an external device which you can use while traveling as well as when you are at some other place where you were facing the charging problem. At that moment you need an external device which is Power Bank. Power Banks comes in different shapes and sizes. Not only sizes, they vary in functionality and the specifications as well. Many power banks come with single USB port and many of them come with more than two USB ports which let you connect more than two devices together. Here we are talking about the portable power banks.


Solar Power Bank

The Solar Power Bank is the portable device which can be used as Multi-Purpose. This power bank delivers the battery capacity of 12,000mAh. The device comes with variant outputs of 24V, 19V, 16V, 11.1V, 5.5V with the range of 500 to 4,000mA. This power bank has the ability to charge the Nokia Android Nougat smartphone nearly 5-6 times effortlessly. This power bank is compatible with various electronic devices including Notebooks, smartphones, and other electronic products. You can charge this power bank by putting the device in sunlight.

You can carry the solar power bank along with you while traveling, or go out for official purpose, or for long journey etc. The solar power bank is not only the portable device but it is an environment-friendly, durable and lightweight device which can be charged without electricity. The product comes with the price range of $90 to $95 in the international market.

Kmashi MP816

Kmashi MP816 power bank comes with the 10,000mAh battery which provides average battery backup to the device connected with the power bank. The device comes with the standout price in the international market at a price of $14. You can buy this power bank from the Indian market with 940INR price. The device comes with Black and red colored power bank which has 2 USB ports having 3.1A as output and 2A as input by which you can charge your smartphone devices, tablets, iPhones and other electronic devices. The only problem with this device is that you can charge the single device at a single point in time.

The Kmashi MP816 power bank is equipped with 4 LED lights to give an indication regarding the remaining power left. The power bank comes with various protective layers which protect the device from the overcharging and short circuit. Along with the power bank, you will get an external battery having 2A as input, single Micro USB cable and a manual book.


The Anker E4 power bank is the simple device which is handy and portable which you can carry anywhere you want during road trips, going for an outing and many other. The power bank supplies the current of 3A output ports which you can adjust. The battery comes with the drop-proof shell. You can purchase this gadget at $30 price from the international market and 2000INR from the Indian market.

Apart from this, the device is equipped with LEDs which shows the leftover battery and has a flashlight. The device is powered by PowerIQ technology and has the huge capacity of 13,000mAh to charge the external electronic devices and appliances. Along with the power bank, you will get the Micro USB cable, guide book. The device offers the 18-month warranty as well.

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