Best simple & effective gardening tips!

An attractive garden looks beautiful with any house and so it will be necessary to maintain the beauty of the garden throughout the year. It is even important to take extra care of the garden in the fall season so as to prepare the garden for the coming winter season. There are some simple tips that will help you in maintaining the garden for the fall season and help them grow well in the winter season as well.


During fall season it would be good for your garden if you allow the perennial plants to grow instead of trimming or cutting them early. As the cutting of the perennials plant will let it exposed in the fluctuating temperature outside that is there during the fall season.

  • Trim extra branches

It is also good for the beauty of the garden that you should remove all the extra, broken or damaged branches of the trees in the garden by using a cordless hedge trimmer before the snow season arrives.

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  • Water regularly

Plants require more water to lower the damage caused by the winter for the next few months. There are some active plants in the garden that will store the water in the roots and make use that throughout the winters.

  • Soil nutrient

You can make a better use of all the dead leaves in the garden. Collect all the leaves that are dead in the garden area and make an organic soil conditioner, the organic soil conditioner will help in killing weeds and maintain the plant growth throughout the winters.

  1. Tree guard

Use the tree guards or wire as you like to protect the trees       from harsh cold or critters

  1. Mulch :

You can also add mulch to the layer of soil during the fall season as it will act as an insulation layer and protect the plant roots from getting damaged during the winter season

  1. Protection against rodents

If you want the plant roots to be safe from rodents then add the 6inches of mulch ( organic would be a better option), as the mulch will help in keeping the rodents away and it also preserves the plant roots from getting damaged during the winter season.

If you want a beautiful garden during the fall season and prepare your garden for the coming winter season then you should follow the steps and tips for the better maintenance of the plants and trees in the garden.

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