Best Drilling Machines In India In 2016

The drill bits are the tools which are used in making cylindrical holes. These drill bits are also known as drilling machines. They are also available in different types such as metal drills, gun drills, wood drills etc.These drilling machines work while rotating in

These drilling machines work while rotating in clockwise direction and cuts down in the same motion. They basically contain a channel or a hole for directing the coolant fed towards the cutting edges. The another split point head of these drills are used in chip clearing and where excellent  centering is required. They are also used to cut aluminum, general, bronze, copper etc. We can also say that different drill bits are used for different operations.

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Listed Below Are Some Types Of Drill Bits:-

Twist Drill:

For drilling holes in plastic, metal or wood, we use twist drill machines. The covering range of this drill is from 0.05 mm to 100 mm while its length is around 1000 mm. Mostly used drill machines have an angle of 118 degrees. A long series drill with extended length twist drill is also provided along with this particular piece. Deep holes cannot be drill with these twist drills.

Diamond Drill Bit:

In the bathroom, for remodeling or updating purpose, we use diamond drill bit. We use these particular drills for kitchen decoration also. They can also be used in glass, tile, limestone, stained glass, marble, fiber glass, stone etc. The main concern while using this drill is to reach the water at the edge.

Indexable Drill Bit:

For excellent results, we use an indexable drill bit.  They perform very well while creating short-hole. A stainless steel element is used to drill 3x in a diameter and only short hole are created by using this.



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