Best BlueStacks alternatives

In the modern age, most of us are using smartphones. There are various types of Smartphone platforms, among them, top three are Android, iOS, and Windows.

Android is the most usable OS in the whole world because of its availability, features, and user-friendly accessibility. There are many games and apps available in Android which we want to access

There are many games and apps available in android which we want to access on our PC too. To get those facilities on a PC, we must need an android emulator. Once we install an android emulator in our PC/Laptop we can access all the things an Android phone offers; we can play our favorite mob games and other things on our PC. Many Android emulators are present out there in the market, among them the best Android emulator is ‘BlueStacks.’

About BlueStacks

Bluestacks is basically an American technology company which made the BlueStacks App and some other cloud based cross platform products. The company was established on 2011 officially though it was founded on 2009. In the present day, there are more than 130 million people in the world who use the BlueStacks app to use the mobile technology in big screen.


The Bluestacks app is designed especially to run all the Android apps on PC. Once you install Bluestacks in your PC, you can run all the Android apps on your PC. Though this is the best android emulator but there are many other similar or alternative software are present in the market. Some of them are


All the android emulators present out there in the market; this is the best and fastest Android emulators of all. The best thing about this software is there is virtually no limit on its use, and you will get the full access to download all the apps from Google play store. Only in this software, you will be able to access everything from Amazon App Store. Switching between two OS that is Android, and Windows are very easy here; you can switch to any OS by a single click.


Android is one of the best Android emulators for the modern generation. It is designed in such way that it will make you speechless with its super compatibility. But to access all the features properly, you will be needed a PC with a high configuration or else it will run slow. Andy comes with some great features such as it will give you desktop push notification, you can access cloud storage from PC for taking backup of your files, it supports Xbox/PS controllers too, it supports the all the sensors which are used in Android. So it makes you feel like you’re using an Android supported big device, you also can run all your favorite.APK and ARM files in PC with the help of Andy.


If you are looking for an Android emulator which is very easy to use, then this is the best software for you. This app is very useful if you are using an android emulator to play games. This software uses the latest kernel technology under the x86 architecture.  It gives you an awesome experience of playing android games on PC. Not only games this software doesn’t require many configurations and compatible with most of the PC.


Though there are so many other Android emulators are present in the market, nothing can replace BlueStacks as it is the oldest and most popular Android emulator. Most importantly it is very user-friendly Be careful while installing any android emulator because there are few emulators which can make your PC very slow. Hope this article will help you to choose a good android emulator for your PC.

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