How An Air Fryer Is Better Than A Convection Oven Or A Turbo Broiler?

How Does An Air Fryer’s Working Is Better Than A Convection Oven Or A Turbo Broiler ?

The main purpose behind electronic air fryers is very similar in concept to a convection oven or even to a turbo broiler, but air fryers are slightly different from both of those appliances.

Turbo broilers and convection ovens depend on different heating methods, and mostly these are often bigger and bulkier machine on a kitchen counter.

An air fryer uses what Philips has patented as “Rapid-Air Technology,” and this means is that hot air circulates very quickly around whatever food you are cooking, and in doing so,  you will get evenly cooked food. More, it gives you fried feel and very good taste, without having to actually fry anything.


How Does An Air Fryer Differ From A Convection Oven Or A Turbo Broiler?

Any smart consumer will come across lots of reviews that they ask one main question,” How an air fryer is different from a convection oven or a turbo broiler?”

Our answer is, “Not very much.”

But, enough to make it worth looking into and purchasing for its own unique merits.

True, a convection oven circulates super-hot air around whatever you are cooking, but the problem is there are very few portable or smaller-sized convection ovens, and typically one of the most expensive appliances which have a fan for circulating hot air so that foods get cooked evenly as all features are present in the air fryer and in a very economical price.

A turbo broiler generally works by using infrared or halogen light heat. Because it is a radiant heat, it travels throughout the cooker, vice only rising up as it does in a convection oven.

The air fryer uses a sort of a nifty combination of both those methods—not just convection because the heat is circulated all over by the fan, and not turbo broiler because there is no heating element at the top of an air fryer from which the heat comes. Air fryers use electrical power to create their heat.

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